Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

by | Feb 3, 2023

Do you dream of a bedroom where you can float around the floor space like some dreamy movie star, only to wake up and find that it takes you just 2 steps to get to the bathroom door?  And that you have to squeeze yourself between the wardrobe and the dressing table to get there?  Well, you’re not alone!

Not everyone has the luxury of a large bedroom space, and when you’ve got your bed in, sometimes there’s precious little other available space to get your wardrobe, drawers and dressing table in!  A bedroom conundrum indeed!

But, with a bit of planning and creative thinking, you can make the space work for you, not against you!

First things first, think about the following:

  1. What are the essential items I want in my bedroom? Whether it’s a dressing table, wardrobe, TV, king size bed.  Try to determine what actually needs to go into your bedroom space.

2. Consider what you want to do in your bedroom.  Apart from the obvious (huh em!), think about if you like to read, watch the TV, drink wine, talk with the family on the bed – what activities does your bedroom need to support.

  1. Do you need to consider other people and what they must have in the bedroom?

Once you’ve figured out what is essential and what isn’t, then you’ll be prepared to consider any dual-purpose space saving furniture that could possibly help.

Some small bedroom space saving ideas

  1. Wall wardrobes

These are excellent in terms of serving mulitple purposes.  Gone are the days when a wardrobe is used for just hanging clothes!  With a bit of consideration, you can make your wardrobe fit a chest of drawers for underwear, shirts, t-shirts etc, equip it with some shelves to house jumpers and accessories.

Pull out thin shelves can act as jewellery stores and belt tidies. Top shelves can house suitcases, bags or random stuff you only use occasionally.

You can even compartmentalise your wardrobe with hanging rails for long items and shorter rails for trousers and shirts.  This will free up space on the bottom to put a chest of drawers for extra space.

Modern, modular wardrobes can even act as full-length mirrors.  The doors can be used to save space by eliminating the use of a free-standing mirror.

You can even keep your dressing table in a full wall wardrobe!  How cool is that!

  1. Consider floating shelves

These are ingenious when it comes to saving space in your bedroom. If you like to read, or watch films, then you can place books, DVD’s, CD’s or anything else on them to save space.  Equally, you can display personal treasures on them.

  1. Under bed storage

If storage is really at a premium, then using your bed as a storage area will prove invaluable! Items like extra bedding, seasonal clothes, and surprise presents for Christmas etc, can all be hidden away and pulled out when required.

Beds that include storage come in 2 different models. Although both models hold quite a lot of storage, one design uses under bed drawers either free-standing on castors that help you pull them clear of the bed, or actually in-built into the bed frame.

The other model utilises the storage space that exists within the bed-frame itself, i.e., you lift the mattress up and access the space underneath for storage.

Both designs work well, with the mattress lift up ones having more space to utilise.

Think about how much space you need under the bed and what you’re going to store in it, then you will have some idea of which design of bed would suit your needs best.

  1. Use your wall space effectively

Very often, people oversee the space that they can glean from using their wall space.  We’ve mentioned floating shelves, but we could actually go one step further by using wall units with doors, or book shelves fitted to a wall at eye level which will free up much needed floor space.

  1. End of bed trunks

If you’ve got enough space, a really good idea is to use a bedroom trunk at the end of the bed.  This will serve you two-fold; firstly, it will provide all important storage space and secondly, it will also serve as a place to sit down and chill!

  1. Bedside Tables

There are many different designs of bedside table on the market today and it’s always a good idea to measure the space between the bed and the walls firstly to see what you have to play with.

Try to look for bedside tables that can be utilised as storage space too.  Tables that have a cupboard underneath the table top, which you can use for hiding things away, keeping your bedroom tidy and clutter free, are always a good bet!

  1. Decoration

Small bedroom spaces can easily look cluttered and untidy.  So, it’s important to try to figure out a place for everything you have in the room.

Equally, with decoration, it’s a useful idea to keep the wall colours light and plain.  Dark colours or busy patterns will undoubtedly make the room look and feel smaller.

Keep the colour scheme light and fresh if you want to maximise the feel of space in your bedroom.


In conclusion, small bedroom spaces don’t have to be a pain to live with!  With a bit of clarity on

  1. What you actually need in your bedroom
  2. What available space you have
  3. How you can utilise the wall, wardrobe and underbed space
  4. Keeping a place for everything to keep it clutter free and
  5. Light, plain decoration

You’ll soon be in a space that you’ll love!

One of the worst things about a small bedroom space is not having a designated place for everything and living in a mess.  But it’s really important to plan ahead and make sure that everything gets put away in its rightful place.  There’s nothing worse than having to hunt for clothes, accessories etc which could be scattered anywhere!  It’s stressful and very time consuming!

So, keeping your small bedroom space clutter free, tidy and minimalistic will certainly give you the calm, stress free, relaxing space you want!

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