Why Oak Furniture is the Best Option for YOU!

by | Oct 21, 2022

When it comes to furniture around the home, oak has always been one of the most popular and stylish designs to follow.


Whether you are looking for a stand-out dining room set, a rustic coffee table, or just a side cabinet for the bedroom, we have you covered here at Import Furniture! We sell high-quality solid oak and painted oak furnishings, all of which deliver on both style and functionality.

Particularly within the UK, oak has been used for furniture making for thousands of years and has been growing in popularity all over the globe. Oak finishes create a warm, glowing look that simply never goes out of fashion, with this honey like colour lighting up every room in the home. Due to oak wood’s versatility and impressionable manor, this style suits and complements both contemporary and character homes to a tee, so there is no need for concern surrounding colour clashing.

In fact, oak items blend beautifully into a variety of colours, especially beige and earthen toned surroundings, with the material seamlessly adding style to a wide range of interiors and decors. This attractive wavy grain of the oak gives it a wonderfully distinctive look. Oak also comes in a variety of colours depending on what species it is derived from. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a specific colour or shade of furnishing for their home.

As oak is a very dense and durable hard wood, it doesn’t scratch or damage easily, giving you the safety of a reliable investment that will last for many years to come. Usually passed down from generation to generation, oak will on average last between 20-40 years, showing its longevity when it comes to the design of your home. When comparing it to other woods in the industry, softer woods (such as pine) may be slightly cheaper to buy, but they will only provide you with 3-5 years of effective functionality before you start to see the defects and weaknesses, with some splinting and discolouring within months of coming off the shop shelf. You can’t go wrong with our range of oak furniture options here at Import Furniture!

Our high-quality oak furniture items have been crafted using select cuts of quarter sawn oak, ensuring that the grain of the oak remains in its hardest and most solid state. This is perfect for all of the products we provide that endure a lot of wear during everyday living, including the likes of tables, chairs and drawers. From big and large cottage items to refined and regal French carved designs, our oak furniture will add a splash of classic elegance to your home, providing a sumptuous finish every time.

In terms of maintenance, oak wood needs very little preservation to keep it in good condition – simply dusting your oak furniture will keep it looking spick and span for all visitors who come to your home!

So, lets recap. Oak furniture’s benefits include:

  • Versatility – mix and match with any surrounding
  • Easy to maintain – a quick wipe and you’re done!
  • Strong and durable – will not break, damage or scratch easily
  • Built to last – can last up to 40 years
  • Timeless – always in fashion and largely popular
  • Quality – the most pristine oak available
  • Stylish – who doesn’t love an oak finish?
  • Variety of colours – can pick the colour of the oak yourself

So, whether you are simply looking for a striking feature piece of furniture that will make your house a home, or you’ve fallen in love with the stylish, warm oak style, we’ve got a wide range of stunning pieces to pick from. From the palest caramel to the richest butterscotch, Import Furniture have got it covered!

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